Secure cloud hosted services with 99.99% uptime guarantee


Migrate your on-premise server environment, applications and data storage into the Oppos Secure Cloud. Scalable, customizable, cost-effective, provides enterprise grade reliance and performance

Our Virtual Services offering includes:


100% Flexible and Scalable


Grow and adapt as with your business. Our Virtual services can scale with your needs quickly and easily.


Multi-Platform Availability

We can provide our customers with a private cloud environment, or through the Azure® platform, hosted by Microsoft. 


SOC Compliance

We use SOC I Type II compliant data centers to ensure full protection and security on all fronts. This is integral to help ensure that Virtual Services remain and industry benchmark. 


Managed Snapshot Library

You have the ability to take on-demand snapshots. During critical server upgrades or simple security patch installation, we you have the ability to revert to a previous server snapshot. .

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