All-In-On Enterprise Grade Security insights for your business


Industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that analyzes data from all devices to detect bad actors and potential risks.

Our Secure Services offering includes:


Sophisticated Rules

Built-in security rules that can correlate unique behaviours across different systems to trigger an alert. 


Monitoring While You Sleep

Full monitoring and remediation of the SIEM service 24/7/265 by our SOC and NOC teams.


Behavioural Intelligence

Behavioural analytics that can determine user anomalies that can indicate potential threats 


Unparalleled Clarity

Clear and summarized reporting on your SIEM activity and remediation efforts. 

Additional Benefits
  • McAfee ® Global Threat Intelligence

  • Multi Vector Protection

  • Custom Use Cases for threat detection

  • Full end-user review and analysis

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