Women in Cybersecurity

Like most tech fields, cybersecurity has significantly more men in the labour force than women, even with women’s rights movements and initiatives to get women into the workforce men still outnumber women within the field. In 2019 it was found that women make up roughly 20% of the global infosec workforce. As low as this number is, it’s actually an improvement from roughly 11% back in 2011. The numbers are increasing and that’s a good thing, it means more talent and more opportunity for everyone. As part of the effort to increase the number of women in the workforce many initiatives have been created to help women get educated and certified in cybersecurity and help get them into the workforce. Here we’re going to go over some of the best resources for women that are interested in getting cybersecurity: Cybersecure Catalyst This program is a joint venture between Rogers, RBC and Ryerson University that is designed to give training and support to the community around cybersecurity. They offer many services but I want to highlight their accelerated cybersecurity training program, which provides an intensive training and certification program for only $500. They have a stream tailored specifically for women which will help you get certified, knowledgeable about the field and help you with your job search.

Women cybersecurity society

They advertise themselves as Canada’s first and only women in cybersecurity non-profit. They provide career coaching, individual and group mentorship for women that are already in the industry or looking to get into the field. In addition to this they also provide women with scholarships, online training, workshops, awards and more.


This is women in Cybersecurity, another good dedicated to helping women through recruitment, retention and job advancement of women within the field. They offer several security training options by partnering with organizations like the SANs Institute, Target, Amazon Web Services (AWS) through scholarships made possible by Google, Bloomberg and Facebook. They also offer mentorship programs, veteran assistance and host several events that help women to network within the industry. Icon talent partners is a non-profit talent development organization dedicated to educating, training and mentoring diverse talent. They target students, young professionals and mid career professionals that identify as visible minorities. This non-profit was co-founded by Marilyn Raphael and her husband Derrick Raphael. Marilyn is a black woman who holds a MPH from university of Toronto and a MBA from York university.

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