What are the privacy and security policies and procedures?

Policy and procedures are two words commonly used when talking about an organization’s operations. Both of these play an important part in overseeing how a company operates and ensuring that there is proper security and privacy throughout the company. In many cases policy and procedures must be stored in written documents and made available to employees in order for companies to meet their compliance requirements. In this article we will go over what policy and procedures documents are for both privacy and security. Privacy vs Security

Privacy refers to making sure that data is used properly, primarily this means making sure that only the authorized people have access to see data and making sure that this information can’t be tracked back to any individual person. Typically, once the information can’t be linked to any individual person and it’s used in accordance with business purposes, user privacy will be maintained. While security on the other hand is protecting data from malicious users who are actively trying to steal that information. Security focuses on protecting data from people that are actively trying to steal or exploit that information while privacy is more focused on preventing data leaks due to misuse of information or errors in business processes.

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What are security and privacy policies?

A company policy is a set of rules that govern a company’s code of conduct, simply put they outline how the company should operate. When it comes to security and privacy policy these will outline what the company's goals are in relation to security and privacy. The security policy should outline all of the company’s assets and the potential threats to those assets that need to be protected against. The privacy policy should outline the type of data that the company protects and the steps that should be taken to preserve user privacy throughout the data’s lifecycle. Having this policy is important because it will outline clearly what the expectations are for your company and it gives you a means to measure whether your security and privacy programs are living up to expectations.

What are security and privacy procedures?

Procedures on the other hand focus on the operational level, outline the steps that need to be taken to achieve a certain aspect of the company’s security and privacy policies. This is important so that your operational teams know exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved. This way everyone knows the proper steps for completing a process and any deviations from the norm can be detected. It’s important that these procedures are made accessible to members of the teams responsible for carrying out these processes because this will serve as instructions for completing the process correctly.

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