MySafe - Verified Identity Dispenser Pilot Project

Updated: Feb 6

| The Industry |

Regulated product industries such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, and lottery are multi-billion-dollar global markets that need solutions related to their distribution, retail, customer experience, and age verification. The ongoing opiod crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have also served to compound these challenges while increasing demand for contactless solutions and harm reduction tools.

Oppos Inc., among others, have partnered with Dispension Industries to fill this enormous gap in the market. The leading partner, Dispension Industries Inc. was founded in 2017 to disrupt the distribution, retail, and data management channels for regulated products. This vision is now realized through the production of the Verified Identity Dispenser (VID) kiosk. The VID utilizes state-of-the-art technology for data-driven operations and contactless biometric verification. This allows for safe, cost-effective, and accurate dispensing of

regulated products while offering an intuitive user experience. The Dispension VID is positioned perfectly to support public health and safety challenges associated with distributing regulated products, as it provides a secure automated solution for completely unattended transactions. It monitors, limits, and prevents overconsumption, and is an effective health media tool, which can disseminate essential information to consumers. Vast amounts of data can also be collected via advanced biometrics which can be used for scientific, medical, and promotional purposes. Dispension VID machines will provide a distinct industry advantage to its users as they can collect detailed data on the regulated products their customers purchase and consume. This data can be invaluable as it allows industries and their participants to comprehensively define their customers and promote engagement and retention. The partnerships, innovation, and advanced growth that are possible within the regulated product distribution space are enormous, and with such a large potential customer base, it is expected that many spinoff businesses will emerge.

| The Project |

Dispension first gained market acceptance for VIDs (Verified Identity Dispensers) through the MySafe Project. The MySafe VID dispenses safe prescription opioids to registered participants, aiming to minimize overdose deaths.

A major barrier preventing swift product deployment is the current production timeline for the made-to-order automated kiosk, which is currently 4.5 months. To meet market needs, Dispension is in the advanced stages of building an advanced manufacturing cluster. This new site, The Dispension Technology Cluster (DTC) will enable the implementation of intelligent digital systems using innovative manufacturing processes to reduce production timelines, improve product quality and facilitate new and novel ways to integrate ancillary devices. This will be possible, as the DTC will combine the partners' expertise and capabilities under a single roof. The project site will be in a 20,400 square foot facility in Halifax's Dartmouth innovation district. By integrating advanced robotics into the production line such as the Universal Robot UR10e arm, advanced sensors and vision systems, and the Shining 3D A800 Stereolithography (SLA) 3d printer for rapid prototyping, the DTC will have a transformative impact on the manufacturing landscape in Eastern Canada and will confer a significant global competitive advantage to the Canadian industry.

As a value proposition for the harm reduction vertical, the MySafe VID will improve access to healthcare services and medications, reduce wait times and maintain patient anonymity, thereby ensuring continued patient engagement. Additionally, the MySafe VID is a scalable, data-driven, low-overhead distribution system, that will increase efficiencies for prescribing physicians and pharmacists. Through the MySafe Project, the VID also provides a contact point for the patients in the program. The VID can be customized to display important educational information to patients directing them to wrap-around services and supports. It is designed specifically to engage people with substance use disorders (SUD) who do not engage in traditional clinical programs. These are often middle-aged males who both consume drugs and pass-away in isolation. Similar clinical based safe supply distribution programs only have patient retention rates near 30%, whereas the initial MySafe pilot study program in Vancouver has retained 100% of their patients; demonstrating that patient autonomy and dignity is critical to ensuring continued program engagement. This project also benefits physicians as it grants them increased oversight and control over medical prescriptions through the MySafe real-time transaction record dashboard.

Follow up surveys with the initial MySafe Pilot Project participants have yielded the following conclusions:

  • There have been 4,500+ successful transactions and zero overdoses

  • Participants have indicated they are very satisfied with the program

  • Participants have indicated they like the ease and convenience of the biometric devices

  • Participants have indicated they are experiencing better general and mental health since joining the program

  • Participants have indicated they are experiencing less episodes of drug sickness since joining the program

  • Participants have confirmed they have not felt targeted for their pills by others that are aware they are in the program

  • Participants are consuming their hydromorphone pills as opposed to selling or giving them away (except on occasion to friends experiencing drug sickness)

  • The program has maintained 100% patient retention

  • Most participants are consuming at least some of their pills orally (as opposed to injecting)

  • Participants have reduced their interactions with the underground street economy

  • Participants use fewer illicit opioids

This project has been deemed a resounding success with substance use disorder sufferers, health practitioners and government agencies.

| The Challenge |

Launched as a pilot project to support harm reduction and curb the recent opioid crisis, The MySafe VIDs have shown infinite potential while highlighting several challenges.

Initially the project laboured to enroll applicants in large volumes, as many suffering from substance use disorders are not registered with health practitioners or reside in remote locations. In addition, SUD sufferers that enrolled were subjected to lengthy application forms, which often contained errors and the captured health and transaction data was not secured to industry standards.

| The Solution |

Oppos was able to lend its security compliance and regulatory expertise. We crafted a front-end web interface that streamlined and expedited the application process; first by improving the user experience with an intuitive simplified user interface, and secondly by reducing data errors and coding the VID machines to meet both the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) compliance standards.

The partnership between Oppos Inc. and Dispension Industries has enabled technology that can securely distribute restricted products in an unattended, safe, secure, and consumer-friendly manner.

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