Statistics on Minorities in Cybersecurity

In almost every industry in North America there is a discrepancy in how minorities are treated in the workplace. In many cases they are less represented in leadership, have lower wages, less promotions etc. Fortunately as a society we have started to make progress towards correcting these issues but there is still a lot of work to be done. This article highlights some of the statistics on minorities in cybersecurity based on the innovation through inclusion report created by ISC2.

Cybersecurity does better than other industries

Minority representation within the cybersecurity field is slightly higher than other fields (26%) compared to the 21% average in other industries across the US.

Minorities are required to be more educated than their counterparts

62% of minorities obtained a master’s degree or higher compared to 50% of professionals who identified as white or Caucasian.

Minorities continued to be underrepresented in leadership positions but only slightly

The US average of minorities in leadership positions is about 29%, while in cybersecurity that number is lower at about 23% while 30% of leadership in cybersecurity identifies as Caucasian.

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Salary Differences

Studies found that differences in salary based strictly on race were very small, however when you combine differences in race and gender the gap grows to be an almost $10,000 USD difference.

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Who gets the promotions

Studies showed that caucasian employees were much more likely to receive promotions than people of color, which may speak to the intent of the organization. Many regulations make it hard to pay people significantly different salaries for the same job but it’s much easier to discriminate with promotions/raises in comparison.

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Discrimination in the workforce

Women continue to report more discrimination in the workplace regardless of what race it is. While for most groups these numbers are drastically different between the men and women, native american men and women report to experience similar levels of discrimination in the workplace.

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