How much does security awareness training cost?

Whenever we want to buy something the first thing we typically ask is, how much will this cost me? While the exact number for any given organization will vary depending on a few factors you can expect for a company with about 50 employees, security awareness training will cost you about $1000-$3000. Typically many regulations and just good overall cybersecurity operations, mandate that this sort of training be done at least once per year to protect your company. In this article we’ll go over some of the factors that will determine what you pay and how you can save money when buying security awareness training:

1) Number of Employees

The biggest factor that will determine your price is the number of employees that will be undergoing the training. Whether it’s online or in-person most companies will charge you per user/employee. There’s not much you can do in this department to lower your cost outside of only giving employees training that they need, whether as part of the law, a regulation, or your internal directives.

2) Job Positions

Depending on the job title of the employees undergoing the training they will require different levels of training. For example, C-level executives are often targeted more than normal employees and with specifically tailored emails often called (spear phishing). They need more training than the normal employee. Secondly, employees that handle sensitive information will need more training on how to properly protect that information. So training for these employees will be more expensive than general cybersecurity awareness training.

3) Phishing Simulations

If you want your training to include some form of phishing simulation then that is going to cost more than just a lecture-style course. Phishing simulations are a great way to test that your employees are prepared for real-life situations and should be included in your training at some point. However, they are not always necessary, especially if you’re just trying to meet compliance or some other benchmark.

4) Online vs In-Person

If you choose to buy a subscription for an online training platform or some other service rather than pay for in-person teaching that can also save you money. If companies need to pay for someone’s time and travel, that is typically more expensive than just selling usage of an app or platform.

5) Buying it as part of a bundle

Arguably the best way to get a discount on any cybersecurity service is to buy it as part of a bundle. Companies love to upsell their other services, so if you buy security awareness training along with some other services that you need for your business, you can often get a discount that will reduce the cost of the training.

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