How fast are quantum machines

The idea of quantum machines has been around since the 1980s but in the 21st century we may finally see widespread adoption of this technology. The idea is to use quantum bits (bits that can be in superpositions in states) instead of binary bits to perform calculations securely and much faster than traditional machines can. The field of quantum computing is still in its infancy but it’s clear that quantum computing has huge potential to change the way we do a lot of things by removing the limitations we have on our technology. Let’s look at exactly how fast quantum machines are and how this speed can improve our daily lives:

How fast are quantum computers?

Simply put, quantum computers are expected to be several millions times faster than even today’s supercomputers. Even if these projections don’t turn out to be true and these machines are just a few thousands times faster, these machines will still be able to change the way we operate in almost every area of technology. Now the downside to this increased speed is it’s relatively instability and being more prone to error. The problem is “‘noise’ – disturbances caused by vibration, temperature, and sound. It generates decoherence, which can make qubits unstable by disrupting the duration of a quantum state. This decreases the time a quantum machine can accurately perform a task (with no errors).”-

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How will quantum computers change life?

Now let’s assume that we are able to fix this issue and stabilize quantum machines, how will this change our everyday lives.

1) Everyday actions: If you think about any action that your computer has to perform from loading a webpage, downloading a file, uploading a file etc. All of these trivial operations at their currency capacity would take almost no time.

2) Cybersecurity: If you think about it from a cybersecurity point of view we can expect that encryption algorithms may need to be changed to ensure that they are still secure even with more powerful computers trying to break them. We may be able to leverage quantum computing to create encryption algorithms, currently significant work has been done to develop what’s called quantum encryption methods, most notably quantum key distribution, which is a very secure communication method that would be resistant to quantum computing decryption.

3) AI and Machine Learning: In the area of machine learning we will be able to construct models and feed them data at a rate that we couldn’t before, which would result in more accurate algorithms. Quantum computers will be able to analyze data much faster than conventional computers and this will provide a huge jumpstart for AI and machine learning. 4) Drug Development: As you may have seen in movies such as the tomorrow war, finding new drugs requires trying several types of combinations of substances. While in movies this may take a few days, in real life this is very labour intensive. However, since quantum computers can process things much faster and they are capable of reviewing multiple molecules, proteins and chemicals simultaneously they will drastically increase our ability to develop new drugs quickly.

5) Weather forecasting: Weather forecasting is essentially data analysis, they look at data collected from their different tools and use that to predict the weather. Since quantum computers improve our ability to analyze data, they will also improve our ability to predict weather patterns and this can do anything from adding convenience to saving lives if it helps to predict major storms, tsunamis or tornadoes well in advance. The UK Met office (the national weather service of the United Kingdom) has already invested over $1.2 billion in quantum computing technology to help improve their forecasting ability.

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