Editor's Special + Top Cybersecurity Influencers

Getoppos has put together a list of some of the top cybersecurity influencers that you can follow to stay informed on the industry and advance your career:

Kevin Mitnick @kevinmitnick

Kevin was infamous for his hack’s of the US government and over 40 different corporations that put him on the most wanted list and had him serving years in prison. Following this Kevin turned full white hat and started his security consulting company using the knowledge he gained as a hacker to help companies improve their cybersecurity.

Daniel Miessler @DanielMiessler

He is a cybersecurity blogger and security practitioner with over 20 years of experience. His primary focus is on the security of a company’s network, web applications, mobile, and IoT systems. In addition to this, he also has one of the best free online training courses for the security+ certification provided free on youtube.

Shira Rubinoff @shiratweet

Shira is one of the most influential women in cybersecurity with a unique niche. She focuses on the intersection of tech with psychology and cybersecurity. She is also the co-founder of green armor solutions, president of SecureMySocial, and serves on multiple boards of information security and tech forums.


This is one of the best YouTubers for anyone interested in learning about ethical hacking. He does everything from explaining different cybersecurity tools to showing you how to use them by hacking into servers on platforms like hackthebox. On this channel, you can get step-by-step instructions on how to hack computers and follow along until you get comfortable doing it yourself. Highly recommend him to any aspiring hackers out there.


If you’re someone that likes the twitch platform, this is one for you. Cyber_insecurity is one of the first and maybe only twitch channels dedicated to cybersecurity. The description is as follows “Cyber Insecurity is a stream dedicated to all things cybersecurity. It's meant for hackers, blue teamers, threat hunters - or anyone. It's designed to be a way to bring the conversation up to another level and include all disciplines and skill levels. We'll still talk about mimikatz and responder too.”

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