AI advancements in video games

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest innovations of the 21st Century and it affects our lives in ways that most people don’t even expect. One domain where AI is expected to have a big impact is in the video game industry. Many people looked at video games as a kid in the past, but it is a multibillion-dollar industry and innovations in AI are going to help that industry grow even larger in the near future.

How is AI currently used in Video Games?

In many situations, AI is nowhere near capable of accurately reflecting human thoughts and behavior. However, video games are not one of these industries, AI has been used in video games for years to supplement human beings as a means for players to compete in the game. I’m going to use two examples to illustrate this point, 2K basketball and the first-person shooter call of duty.

2K Basketball is a basketball video game based on the NBA, so you can play as all your favourite basketball players or create your own NBA player within the game. For years 2K has used AI players as competition for the person playing the game, these AIs can make decisions about how to play defense, when to shoot, pass and all of the other decisions that a human need to make to play the game. That’s also how many games allow you to change difficulty, they simply change the Ais ability to make decisions in certain situations.

Another common example of this is call of duty, in call of duty the AIs are called bots and you can set up private games with just you, your friends and some AI players to practice. Again, these AIs will make all of the decisions you need to play the game competitively with a real human user. These decisions have to be made in real-time and they have to take a lot of factors into account to make sure they are making the right decisions, especially at the higher difficulty levels.

How will AI be used in Video Games in the future?

Storytelling: If you have ever played the story mode of a video game it is usually static content. This means that it does change depending on your choices and even when it does have that feature, there are only a few pre-written paths you can go down. AI can make this content more dynamic and adaptable depending on your choices or personality.

Procedural Generation: AI can be used to generate online content such as digital landscapes, level to a video game, and even full-fledged video games. This would be huge to the gaming industry because rather than having to pay for someone to do this work, it can be generated automatically.

Extreme Customization: This is the idea that AI will be able to customize features of the game based on the player's choices, personality, and interests. For example, the characters within the game's story mode will one day be able to adapt their dialogue according to the user.

Generating Graphics: AI has been able to use real-world photographs and footage to generate images that are almost indistinguishable from the real world. How to get more free content

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