10 Shocking Cybersecurity Statistics

Cyber Security is one of the biggest threats to online businesses in the 21st Century. To help you understand just how serious this threat is, getoppos has put together a list of 10 shocking cybersecurity statistics that every business owner should know.

1) 95% of breached records come from Government, retail and tech companies

While cybersecurity affects several industries, most of the attacks are targeted towards some “prime target” industries. Some of the most popular targets are government entities, retail and tech companies. Other prime targets are healthcare industries and financial institutions.

2) There’s a cyberattack every 39 seconds

Cyberattacks happen at an extremely high rate, roughly every 39 seconds there is a cyberattack performed on the internet. One of the reasons why this happens so often is because hackers have computer bots that can automatically scan the web for vulnerable systems and check if they are available for exploits.

3) 43% of cyberattacks affect small businesses

Small businesses are not flying under the radar of hackers. Almost half of all cyberattacks are targeted towards small businesses and this means that small business owners need to invest in cybersecurity just like the larger companies do or risk having a data breach, which can cost you anywhere from 43,000-3.86 million dollars on average, depending on the size of the company.

4) Since Covid-19 the FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes

Covid-19 and the big push towards working from home has resulted in reported cybercrime tripling in the last two years.

5) 95% of cybersecurity breaches come from human error

Most cybersecurity breaches come as a result of the human element of security. Users continue to be one of the biggest threats to organizations.

6) 59% of employees steal data when they quit or are fired

Insider threats continue to be a big threat vector for companies that you should be aware of. Most employees that leave a company steal information and this emphasizes the importance of having good termination practices to prevent employees from having that opportunity if possible.

7) Email attachments are the #1 malware delivery method

Phishing emails with malicious email attachments continue to be the #1 malware delivery method, which emphasizes the importance of good security awareness training and email filtering for businesses.

8) Third party app stores hosted 99.9% of malware

If you want to be safe when you should avoid downloading mobile apps from third party app stores, they contain the vast majority of malware. They don’t have the same process for validation source code as the major app stores and it results in more applications that contain malware getting posted in the store.

9) Average cost of data breach is roughly $3.86 million

The average cost of a data breach has increased to almost $4 million dollars on average, in the US this price of over $8 million dollars and in Canada it’s closer to $5 million dollars on average.

10) 68% of the money lost because cyberattacks was declared unrecoverable

Most of the money that is lost/stolen in a cyberattack is never recovered, so don’t expect a lot when you report these incidents to the police because most of the time they won’t be able to help you get it back.

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